075 – Post-WWDC

A few key news stories from the last couple of weeks and then all of our thoughts on last week’s WWDC 2016!


Show Notes:
OnePlus 3
Microsoft buys LinkedIn
IG has 500m users
Spotify has 100m users
WWDC16 Keynote
Siri for Mac
Differential privacy
Home app
Swift Playground app
Siri for app developers
Apple Pay on the web

074 – Pre-WWDC

All the latest news from the last week, our thoughts and hopes for next week’s WWDC, and some great recommendations!


Show Notes:
University pays $20,000 to ransomware hackers
Belgium tops list of nations most vulnerable to hacking
Yahoo is unloading 3,000 patents, and it will be a fire sale
Twitter accounts hacked
Twitter for Android
Stitcher bought by Midroll
WWDC 2016
App Store changes
Nexus 5X drops to $270 in limited-time sale
Google Motion Stills
Apple Maps transit update

073 – To Pzizz (v) Feat. Rockwell Shah

A long, but great show today! We cover all the latest news along with our special guest, Pzizz CEO, Rockwell Shah!


Show Notes:
MySpace hacked
FB Messenger emoji
Facebook tracks non-users
New EU directive on hate speech
WWDC confirmed
Marc Gurman leaves 9to5 Mac
OnePlus 3 with no invites
Xiaomi inks deal with Microsoft
Another pointless Jolla device
How Microsoft plans to win VR without making a VR headset
93% of phishing emails are now ransomware
Mary Meeker’s 2016 internet trends report: All the slides, plus analysis
Rockwell Shah on Twitter

072 – FruitJuice Mac app giveaway

All the latest news from the last week and a great app giveaway!


Show Notes:
PayPal to Microsoft, BlackBerry, and Amazon Kindle: Buh-Bye
Senate bill would let FBI read your emails without a court order
PlayStation 4 sales leap past 40 million
Microsoft bangs the final nail in Nokia Devices’ coffin, will lay off 1,850
“Forbidden attack” makes dozens of HTTPS Visa sites vulnerable to tampering
Google to bring official Android support to the Raspberry Pi 3
Peter Thiel bank-rolling Hulk Hogan
Pre-WWDC rumours
Pre-WWDC rumours
Tweeting is changing
Recommendation: CitizenFour
Pixelmator 3.5 Mac update
Recommendation: Propellerheads: Reason
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071 – All the Apple hate

This week … we hate on Apple!


Show Notes:
Google I/O 2016 highlights
Allo and Duo Are Google’s 2016 Plan for Messaging and Video Calling
As Scope of 2012 Breach Expands, LinkedIn to Again Reset Passwords for Some Users
Boot Camp support comes to aftermarket SSDs for MacBook Air, MacBook Pro
iTunes and all the Apple updates
Spotify comes to Android TV
Nokia in phone comeback as Microsoft sells feature phone biz for $350M
Twitter may change character limit in coming weeks
Android Pay available in the UK
Netflix launches new speed test site
Uber’s first self-driving car pulls out onto the streets of Pittsburgh

070 – Endless Ethernet

After a few weeks away, we’re back! All (some) of the biggest and latest news from the last few weeks, as well as discussing our new tech setups and some great app recommendations!


Show Notes:
Google Translate on Android
Instagram 8.0
WhatsApp on Mac desktop
FB and Messenger in Windows 10
Windows 10’s Wi-Fi credential sharing is going away in the Anniversary Update
Apple’s Notebook Sales Drop to Estimated 2.5M as Buyers Await New MacBook Pro
Apple Pay Coming to Canada’s Banks Starting With RBC and CIBC
BBC iPlayer viewers will need a TV licence to watch programmes online
Update to Commuter Pro / Helsinki Bikes
Fruit Juice Mac App

069 – 1st world (tech) problems

All the latest tech news and tech problems from the last week!


Show Notes:
Opera updates browser with free built-in VPN
Say goodbye to the Xbox 360
Roku Streaming Stick 2016
EU says Google abuses its Android dominance
Apple updates MacBook line with new processors, adds Rose Gold
Chatbots land on Skype’s Mac client and web app
Facebook Messenger group calls
Podcasts on Google Play Music
Save to Inbox
Viber now encrypts everything, too
366 Calendar Plus
Guillermo’s Calendar 366 Plus review